Fare Rules

1. Valid on Y5 flights and one way fare only, non-transferable, non-endorsable .

2. A, Z, D classes for Foreigner.

3. Child (2 to 12 years old) fare is applicable for 75% all classes fare of adult net fare.

    Please ensure the birth date must be mentioned on the ticket.

4. Infant is under 2 years of age and shall levy USD 04.00 per sector / per pax.

5. YR (FUEL SURCHARGE) is subject to change depending on aviation fuel price.

6. Refund can be applied within 90 days from commence date of travel.Passenger can be applied the refund payment through sending e-mail address to reservations@gmairlines.com

7. Refund payment will be 75% for Z, D class and only 50% for A class purchased ticket value with applicable taxes.

8. Cancellation shall be made (one day) before departure by sending e-mail address to reservations@gmairlines.com.  

9. Name Change fee : A, Z, D class USD 10.00 per sector / per pax within 90 days from commence  date of travel.

10. Date Change fee : A, Z, D  class  USD 10.00 per sector / per pax within 90 days from commence date of travel.

11. Sector Change Fee : A, Z, D class (one time only)

      i). Same Fare : Only Amendment Fee (USD 10.00 per sector / per pax)

     ii). Low Fare to High Fare : Amendment Fee USD 10.00 + Different Fare (per sector / per pax).

    iii). High Fare to Low Fare : Free of charge.

12. A no show fee of USD 20.00 will be charged for A, Z, D class.

13. Name change, date change and sector change can be informed to e-mail address to reservations@gmairlines.com.

14. Golden Myanmar Airlines assumes no responsibility for making connections and therefore will  not be liable for any losses for expenses rising from any failure to make passenger's connection  flights.

15. Golden Myanmar Airlines will reserve the rights to change all terms and conditions under company's current regulation.